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Chef Vincent Mathias & Jessica Mathias 

Rendezvous Cafe Restaurant has been and still is an
institution for visitors. It has become a landmark for tourists hailing from around the world. 

Officially unveiled in July of 1994 by Chef Vincent Mathias and wife Jessica, they created a legacy in the small town of Pondicherry. Rendezvous, as the name suggests, is a place where people can sit and enjoy a tête-à-tête under a relaxing ambiance. Over the years, Rendezvous has been most popular for its classical continental, seafood and Mangalorean cuisine, to name a few. Chef Vincent and Jessica took pride in making Rendezvous a success. 

In June of 2010, after the passing of Chef Vincent, his wife and daughters (Vanessa & Valerie) continued to keep his dream alive. 
Over a year ago Rendezvous drew the curtains for renovation. 
A place like Rendezvous will never really disappear. 

A year and half later, daughter Valerie found her way back just in time to open Rendezvous 2.0. Rendezvous is back with more to love, Not only does it have a new look, but more importantly, the food, the wine and the mouth watering cocktails. 

The legacy continues...... 


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